Demolition Policy

East Cesar Chavez Neighborhood Planning Team Demolition Permit Review Process

As a City recognized planning team, ECCNPT may hold a vote to support or oppose the demolition of a property within its jurisdiction. The team may then share this position with City staff, Commissions, and/or Council. In order for the team to vote on whether to support or oppose a demolision permit, the permit request must be reviewed through the following process.

Trigger: The ECCNPT Demolition Permit Review Process is initiated by the request of a property owner, effected neighbor, or the Land Use Committee. If you are interested in initiating the review process for a property in the ECCNPT’s jursdiction, contact your ECCNPT sector representative and/or the ECCNPT’s Land Use Committee. See the Leadership Teams Contact page.

Process: A request for review is referred to the the Land Use and Design Committee and the Historic Preservation Committee. The Committees, in turn, request and consider the following information in their review of a property under consideration for demolition:

  • A professional assessment of the state of the structure and estimated cost of required repairs, prepared by an independent contractor, and/ or an assessment of the state of the structure by an appointee of the Heritage Society of Austin’s Preservation Committee;
  • Photographs of the property (interior and exterior) in its current state;
  • Plans for the development of the property; and
  • Any documentation or testimony related to the significance of the property to the neighborhood’s history or culture.
  • The Historic Preservation and Land Use Committees presents its findings to the general membership, if a vote is required to support or oppose a permit request. A vote on whether to support a demolision request follows standard ECCNPT proceedures and protocols.

General Guidelines for the Team’s Deliberation:

  • The Team will not actively endorse the demolition of a structure for which there is no development plan.
  • The Team will consider the potential contribution of the structure to any proposed Local Historic Districts.