Neighborhood Plan

The East César Chávez Neighborhood Plan was written by the neighborhood, for the neighborhood. The Plan is the result of an extensive collaborative effort between neighborhood residents, businesses and property owners with the support of City Neighborhood Planning staff. Everyone that lived, worked, or owned property or a business in the neighborhood was invited to participate. Hundreds of neighborhood residents, businesses and property owners participated in the process by filling out surveys, serving on committees, attending community meetings or voting on the plan in the Neighborhood Referendum.

The Austin City Council adopted the East César Chávez Neighborhood Plan on May 13, 1999, formally amending the City’s comprehensive plan. The City Council approved the Neighborhood Plan Combining District to implement the ECC plan’s land use recommendations on December 14, 2000.

The purpose of the Neighborhood Plan is to provide direction for future development and for City programs and projects that affect the neighborhood.

Neighborhood Plan Goals

  1. Provide zoning for a mix of business and residential land uses in commercial areas.
  2. Ensure that new structures, renovations and businesses are compatible with the neighborhood.
  3. Create and preserve physical features and activities to reinforce our neighborhood’s cultural identity and history.
  4. Improve vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian traffic safety on neighborhood streets.
  5. Make better use of the Forth-Fifth Street rail corridor.
  6. Improve and promote mass transit service in the neighborhood.
  7. Establish a housing education and outreach program to preserve and rehabilitate existing housing.
  8. Preserve and increase the number of homeowners in the neighborhood.
  9. Preserve and enhance neighborhood trees, green spaces, trails, gardens, existing parks and recreational facilities.
  10. Reduce trash in our neighborhood.
  11. Educate neighbors about environmental issues.
  12. Attract or develop businesses that serve essential neighborhood needs.
  13. Reduce crime, arson and violence in our neighborhood by increasing programs.
  14. Coordinate and promote health and human services programs in the neighborhood.
  15. Provide quality, equitable and attainable educational opportunities for youth and adults in the neighborhood.
  16. Provide opportunities for cultural arts, recreation and leisure activities.

The neighborhood plan details the objectives that support these general goals and specific action items to implement these goals and objectives.

Please visit the City of Austin website and download the Plan Document

You can also read the Ordinance (PDF) that outlines approved and conditionally approved uses of land in our neighborhood. See more information on the Zoning page.