Zoning – Conditional Overlay and Use Permits

Prior to purchasing or leasing a property for an intended use, be sure to understand if your use is permitted in our neighborhood!

Many properties in our neighborhood have the designation of “NP – CO” added to their base zoning districts. These letters stand for “Neighborhood Plan” and “Conditional Overlay.” In December 2000, an ordinance was adopted by the City of Austin that specifies particular uses which are prohibited or “conditionally permitted” on specific tracts of land in our neighborhood, following the objectives outlined in our neighborhood plan. If a use is “conditionally permitted,” a conditional use permit is required. To obtain this permit, the City of Austin often looks to the East Cesar Chavez Neighborhood Planning Team to endorse the proposed use. If a use is prohibited, a zoning change is required, and the Planning Team is also consulted in these cases.

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