Text Box: ECC Team meeting highlights November 17, 2010 and December 15, 2010
See our Plan: www.ci.austin.tx.us/zoning/ecc.htm, contact our secretary, Leah Bojo, for copies of meeting minutes
In Nov., Citizen’s Communications: Mike Henry—501 Studios/Eastside drive-in: Came to check-in regarding events: Homeless Thanksgiving event (1,000 person) with sound permit, all events claim to have all permits pulled. Outdoor music application has been submitted. Randall & Donya (beerlandtexas@hotmail.com). own Rio Rita & offered to be our liaison with  new bar owners in our area Rebecca Melancon with Austin Independent Business Alliance and IBIZ districts discussed an IBIZ District on Cesar Chavez Street but designation requires that 75% or more be locally owned within 1 mile and must have between 15-80 businesses willing to apply, could potentially take effect in Jan 2012. Our Historic Preservation chai introduced a new intern to help with outreach and community education about local historic districts!  The Economic Development Committee held a very successful happy hour and is conducting surveys with residents and businesses to get input about the kinds of development we want/need in our area.  A Plaza Saltillo TOD update included discussion on Cap Metro’s 3 goals: 1) Ridership generation, 2) make money, & 3) something of value to the community. Metro estimates $8-12 million for site preparation and more than just height entitlements are needed to achieve their goals. A motion passed to draft a letter to recommend to Cap Metro/CAG members to develop the land parcel by parcel.  A discussion on a federal grant, Brownfield Economic Development Initiative (BEDI), is only for job creation, not to build affordable housing. It can only be used for privately owned property. COA plans to apply with 4 Saltillo TOD businesses. Motions were made but Team members could not agree to support or reject the application so no action will be taken.  We voted to approve reimbursements for Economic Dev. Comm.. We agreed to move our December meeting to the historic Mooreland House for a Holiday Party and will elect new members/officers in January.   In Dec., the chair determined there was no urgent business. Many new neighbors and supporters attended our Party and we thank all the guests who brought delicious food and drinks to share.  We presented 3 Eastside Memorial High School Students with $100 checks to help them pay for their senior prom next spring.  The Adopt-a-Senior program is a unique way to help defray costs for this low-income high school formerly Johnston High.  For a $100 donation, you get a days work from an ESMHS senior.  ECC Team members representing Cristo Rey Catholic Church and The Benz Resource Group joined the Team in presenting $100 checks.  Two students will help walk The Grapevine and another will help Susan Benz with a construction project.  If you’d like to Adopt-a-Senior, call our Education Committee Chair, Ricardo Zavala, at 577-8280.  We also presented Officer Jose Rodriguez a token of our appreciation for being our APD District Representative for over 8 years.  We believe Jose is the longest serving DR in a single patrol area in the history of the DR program. Because our neighborhood is being assigned to the Downtown Patrol, we are losing Officer Rodriguez. He’s been a huge asset to our neighborhood & will be sorely missed. We also had special guests who greeted partygoers: Mayor Lee Leffingwell, Judge-elect John Lipscomb, Pct. 4 Constable Maria Canchola, and Travis County Democrat Party Chair, Andy Brown.  A big thank you to our gracious host, Richard Roberts, who opened his historic home for our Holiday Party.
Text Box: Your ECC Leadership Team Contacts: Call if you would like to get involved with us!
Name                             Address                         Phone #                         Representing/Committees 
Sabino ‘Pio’ Renteria	1511 Haskell		478-6770		ECC Chair, Sector 6 rep., Housing Chair 
Jeff Thompson		1408 Willow St.	322-9930		ECC V-Chair, Sect. 7 rep., LandUse Co-Chair
Leah Bojo		1705 Garden St.		512-665-1570		ECC Secretary, Resident Renters’ Rep.
Al Moser		1901 Riverview		524-2974		ECC Treasurer, Business rep., USPS carrier
Cristina Valdés		1111 E. 3rd Street	789-0309		Business rep., realtor 
OPEN SEAT								Business rep., Esperanza Development     
Rev. Jayme Mathias 	2208 E. 2nd St. 		477-1099 		Congregational rep., Cristo Rey Church 
OPEN SEAT								Civic/Non-profit rep., Capital Metro
Ken Johnson 		1809 Holly St. 		210-710-2013 		Non-profit rep., Architecture for Humanity 
Molly O’Halloran	1308 E. 2nd Street	809-4777		Sector 1 rep., Land Use/Design Co-Chair
Cesar Alex Silva 	1402 E. 2nd St.		499-0780 		Sector 2 resident rep.
Lauren Shallcross 	1001 Willow Street. 	921-5678 		Sector 3 resident rep.
Kathy McWhorter	1711 Willow		478-9478		Sector 4 resident rep. Parks & Enviro Chair
Jo Staton		21 Waller St., #1205	924-1105		Sector 5 rep., senior citizens’ advocate
Susan Benz                    1101—B E. 6th Street    220-9542x100		Sector 8 resident rep.
Amy Thompson		1402 E. 2nd St.		499-0780		Local Historic District Committee Chair
Lori C-Renteria		1511 Haskell		478-6770		Crime & Safety Chair, Newsletter Editor
Ricardo Zavala		158 Enchanted Cove78612  577-8280		Education Committee Chair
Anna Rowlan 					 751-9378		Transportation Committee Chair
Rick Weinberg		1109 A Holly St.	 786-9050		Economic Development Committee Chair