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We are actively recruiting new folks to help us on our committees which is where the real work gets done in our area. We also have 1 Leadership Team slot 1 for a non-profit, civic, or congregational rep to serve these stakeholders on our Team.   If your agency or group is located within the plan area OR  you provide services to residents or businesses in the area AND you can attend our meetings on the 3rd Wednesday each month from 6—7:30 pm, then you can nominate yourself.  If you’re a worker or volunteer with a non-profit or civic group, you just need a signed letter from the director or manager saying you have permission to represent their organization. You do not have to live in the area to serve in this role or to join our committees. Interested? Call a Team member or committee chair listed on page 5.

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An update on our elections held on January 19th!

At our last meeting we held elections for new Team Leaders and Officers.  We elected a new business representative Kathy Setzer, owner of the new Eastside Inn, which is under construction at 1609 E. Cesar Chavez St.  Jeff Thompson agreed to continue to serve as our Vice-Chair and Leah Bojo committed to stay on as our secretary.  And for the first time, we have a female Chairperson, Cristina Valdes, a business rep with Lyons Real Estate.  Thanks to all for stepping up and serving our community.

A message from your outgoing Chairperson, Sabino Pio Renteria:

      As we announced in the last newsletter, the Team will be holding elections of officers and new members at our next meeting on January 19th. It has been an honor to serve as chairperson for the ECC Team for the past few years but I feel it’s time to step down so someone else can step up to lead our efforts to save our neighborhood’s unique character and historical assets.  I want to thank our vice-chair, Jeff Thompson, and our Team secretary, Leah Bojo, for all their support during my chairmanship.  It’s been great working with such a diverse group of people and I’m going to keep working with this Team

     I do plan to stay on the Leadership Team representing residents in Sector 6 and to remain chair of the ECC Affordable Housing Subcommittee. I hope to recruit more members for this committee so we can be more active in all the different meetings that affect affordable housing in our neighborhood.  I want to spend more time and energy this coming year  to help our seniors get their homes repaired and to fight harder to make sure there is much more affordable housing built in all the new developments coming east around Plaza Saltillo.  And I’m looking forward to helping the RBJ Community-based Advisory Board as they re-develop that beautiful piece of land to improve the existing tower and build even more low-income apartments for seniors without major impacts on me and my neighbors who live next to the site.  There’s plenty of work and I could use your help to monitor meetings, make phone calls, and write letters.  We’ll keep the number of committee meetings very low so we can spend our time advocating for our neighbors who need affordable homes.  Please call me at 478-6770 or to get involved with us!  And Happy New Year to us all!