Crime and Safety Committee Report by Lori C-Renteria, 478-6770or

On behalf of the entire neighborhood at our Holiday Party, I presented Officer Jose Rodriguez with a small statue to show our appreciation for the fabulous job he did as our District Representative for almost 9 years.  We’re losing Jose, because APD is reorganized patrol districts.  Our area is now part of the downtown patrol.  We’re now in Region 1, Sector George 1. While I fear losing the great support we’ve had from Central East Area Command staff for decades, I support this change because 26 cameras are being installed downtown and that will drive a lot more hustlers, drug dealers, and addicts hanging out downtown to our side of I-35 to hide from these cameras. This change should stop the cat and mouse game played at the I-35 underpasses.  We’ll plan a special gathering to meet our new APD Command staff soon.  We know our new District Rep is Officer Michele Borton, DR Supervisor is Sgt. Reggie Bostic, and patrol supervisor is Lt. Ismael Campa.  I plan to keep attending the old Central East APD Forums so we can continue to strengthen community policing on the eastside. The new sector maps are on our web edition. Keep calling 911 when you see something odd to help stop thefts and break-ins. Let the dispatcher decide if your call should be transferred to 311.  Too many people think the only time you call 911 is for emergencies—not so, patrol resources are allocated in part by the number of calls to 911. We are still recruiting volunteers to be Block Watch and Patrol volunteers.  Please contact me to find ways you can help our Community Policing programs.

FREE! Code Compliance Workshop

Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2011 6 pm—8 pm

Location TBA

Come learn about the City’s Code Violation rules with others joining Code Compliance Volunteer programs.  This workshop is part of a series of trainings that the Eastside Rangers Neighborhood Watch and Patrol program volunteers will be attending. There is no obligation to become a registered volunteer, we just want you to share in the knowledge being offered and come learn with us!  Once you attend this workshop you can decide if you want to work at Code Compliance events and neighborhood cleanups. Possible jobs might include working at an information booth or helping to remove litter and debris. This workshop also qualifies attendees to become Zone Volunteers to become certified to help city inspectors document violations in your own neighborhoods.  Code compliance is a great way to keep our neighborhoods safe and clean. 


NOTE: To be recognized as an official City of Austin Code Compliance Volunteer you must submit to a criminal background check and waive liability for use of your own vehicle and personal camera and equipment.


Info? Code Compliance Volunteer Program, or call Kit Campbell at 974-9024.

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