96 Hour PLUS Permits: This permit is geared towards those businesses that wish to participate in the annual SXSW opportunities. The permit would also allow an additional 6, 24 hour permits to be used during the calendar year. This permit would require notification to neighbors and interested parties, the submission of a sound mitigation plan approved by the City’s Music Program Office, typical safety and egress requirements for a facility, approval from the Fire Department “load card” indicating the number of people that can safely attend and that there is adequate parking. The permit should also cost more than the 24 Hour Temporary Permit. In addition, this permit would require notice to the Neighborhood Planning Teams and the Applicant would be strongly encouraged to keep their Neighboorhood Planning Team’s apprised as to when they would be having events so the Team’s could inform their neighbors in advance. (We substitute the 96 Hour PLUS Permit suggestion over our previous Festivals and Holiday Permit suggestion due to input from our business neighbors who prefer the flexibility of this over stipulated days.


365 Full Permit: Clearly, any business wishing a 365 Permit is in the business of outdoor entertainment. These businesses  hould meet all City code requirements for sound mitigation approved by the City’s Music Program Office, toilet facilities, egress and safety, permanent parking and Fire Department “load card” limitations. These permits should require the support of the neighborhood Planning Teams and have full notification to all neighbors. In addition, these permits should be significantly more expensive than the lower-tier permits and the turn-around time for notification and response should be at least six weeks.


Due to the increasing concerns from our neighbors throughout the City, we recommend that you consider creating an entertainment district where outdoor music is allowed. All other areas of the City must adhere to a much more strict decibel limit to accommodate the many small neighborhood businesses that wish to provide entertainment on their outdoor patios.


Finally, we would like the opportunity to meet with you individually and with the City’s Music Commission and Music Program Manager to discuss our concerns and work with you to develop a solution that supports our rich music industry and our business and residential neighbors. Our subcommittee chair is Susan Benz (benz@benzresourcegroup.com, 512-220-9542) and she will be in touch to schedule times to meet. In addition, you are always welcome to attend our monthly Team meetings, always on the third Wednesday of the month at the Terrazas Library at 6 pm.


We thank the Mayor and Council in advance for your many efforts on behalf of all the citizens of our great city and look forward to working with you to further solutions to this complex issue.


Best regards,


Cristina Valdes, Chair, East Cesar Chavez Neighborhood Planning Team

Sabino Renteria, ECC Sector 6 Resident Rep, and Chair, United East Austin Coalition


The Felix Longoria Affair

Saturday March 12, 2011

Mexican American Cultural Center, 6oo River St

Viewings at 7pm & 9 pm

Discussion at 8 pm


The Mexican American Cultural Center along with the Tejano Genealogy Society, the Greater Southwest Austin Optimist Club, the Catholic War Veterans, the Tejanos in Action, and the American GI Forum presents film maker John Valadez with a viewing and lecture on the documentary of Felix Longoria.


U.S. Army Private Felix Longoria sacrificed his life so that others could be free, yet those same freedoms he died fighting for were denied him in his home town of Three Rivers Texas. The Three Rivers soldier was killed in action in the Philippines. After the war his body was shipped to his home town and was refused admittance to the only funeral home in Three Rivers simply because he was an American of Mexican descent.


On Saturday March 12, 2011 at the Mexican American Culture Center 6oo River Street there will be a viewing at 7:00 PM with a lecture at 8 PM and another viewing at 9 PM. The event is free and the public is invited.

For More Information Contact:

Dan Arellano President

Tejano Genealogy Society of Austin



Visit http://www.tejanoroots.org/