HELP WANTED: JOIN OUR TEAM!  We’re actively recruiting new folks to volunteer with us. We have 1 Leadership Team slot for a non-profit, civic, or congregational representative to serve on our Team. If your group is located within the plan area OR  you provide services to residents or businesses in our area AND you can attend our meetings on the 3rd Wednesday each month from 6—7:30 pm, then you can nominate yourself.  If you’re a worker in a local non-profit, church or civic group and can serve, you just need a signed letter from the organization saying you have permission to represent their group. You do not have to live in the area to serve in this seat. We also have Resident Reps from 3 Sectors who’d like to step down if someone committed will step up and volunteer.  Sectors 1, 3, and 4 are accepting nominations from residents in those Sectors, see the map below. A short bio and letter explaining why you want to serve is mainly how the Leadership Team selects new members.  Interested? Call 478-6770 or contact a current Team member listed on the next page.


Ventanilla de Salud: Connecting you to Health!

410 Baylor Street, 78703,  (512) 478-2866 ext 117, Visit 8-1pm or Call 8-5pm. Free and low-cost health resources for those without access and/or health insurance,  Madrinas needed for Vestido Rojo April 30 , FREE event for women. Call now.

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Call Lori at 478-6770 or email:

As part of the Downtown Austin Plan, the City of Austin is asking how you would prioritize projects and initiatives over the next 10 years. Please take this survey to

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$80 million on the projects.

We welcome our new business rep, Kathy Setzer,

a partner in the new Eastside Inn at 1609 E. Cesar Chavez Street.  And we thank the other business folks who participated in our nominations process.   Kathy brings a wealth of knowledge to help us deal with the barriers small businesses have in coming into our area.  The ECC Team recognized Kathy’s commitment to respect our voluntary design guidelines, willingness to go door-to-door to meet her new neighbors, and her experience with codes related to commercial design standards that conflict with our goals of historic preservation, makes her the perfect small business advocate for our area.  Kathy also shares her web design talents with our Festival Beach Community Garden and is leading a makeover of our ECC website.  See her design skills and Eastside Inn work:

Text Box: KEY TO MAP
Sector 1:
Accepting Nominations
Sector 2:
Cesar Alex Silva
Sector 3
Accepting Nominations
Sector 4:
Accepting Nominations
Sector 5:
Jo Staton
Sector 6:
  Sabino Renteria
Sector 7:
Jeff Thompson
Sector 8:
Susan Benz