Text Box: Your ECC Leadership Team Contacts: Call if you would like to get involved with us!

Name                                  Address                            Phone #                              Representing/Committees 
Cristina Valdés		1700 E. 2nd St		789-0309		ECC Chair, Business rep., Lyons Real Estate 
Jeff Thompson		1408 Willow St.	               322-9930		ECC V-Chair, Sect. 7 rep., LandUse Co-Chair
Susan Benz                          1101—B E. 6th Street    220-9542x100		ECC Treasurer, Sector 8 resident rep.
Al Moser		1901 Riverview		524-2974		Business rep., USPS carrier
Kathy Setzer		1609 E. Cesar Chavez	775-6436 		Eastside Inn, Business representative     
Rev. Jayme Mathias 					 		Congregational rep., Catholic priest 
Frank E. Campos		1208 Willow		971-7138 		Non-profit rep. El Buen Pastor ECDC
Ken Johnson 		1809 Holly St. 		210-710-2013 		Non-profit rep., Architecture for Humanity 
Pilar Sanchez		902 E. 2nd St.		477-4488 x2122		Sector 1 resident representative
Cesar Alex Silva 		1402 E. 2nd St.		499-0780 		Sector 2 resident representative
Chris Kanipe		904 Spence St.		646-825-1892		Sector 3 resident representative
Edie Cassel		1611 Willow 		968-5313		Sector 4 resident representative
Jo Staton		21 Waller St., #1205	924-1105		Sector 5 rep., senior citizens’ advocate
Sabino ‘Pio’ Renteria	1511 Haskell		478-6770		Sector 6 rep., Housing Chair 
Kathy McWhorter	1711 Willow		478-9478		Parks & Environment Chair, Green Council Rep
Amy Thompson		1402 E. 2nd St.		499-0780		Local Historic District Committee Chair
Lori C-Renteria		1511 Haskell		478-6770		Crime & Safety Chair, Newsletter Editor
Ricardo Zavala		158 Enchanted Cove78612    577-8280		Education Committee Chair
Anna Rowlan 					751-9378		Transportation Committee Co-Chair
Matt Lutz		1519 E. Cesar Chavez	767-7400 x4		Transportation Committee Co-Chair
Rick Weinberg		1109 A Holly St.	               786-9050		Economic Development Committee Chair 
Molly O’Halloran	1308 E. 2nd Street	 809-4777		Land Use/Design Co-Chair
Richard Roberts		1301 E. Cesar Chavez	351-9436		Donations coordinator

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Text Box: Many Thanks to Molly O’Halloran, Leah Bojo, Lauren Shallcross and John Michael Cortez.  
Over the past year, these volunteers stepped down from their leadership positions on our Team and we want everyone to know how much their service was appreciated.  They all plan to stay involved by continuing to serve on various committees where the action steps to improve the neighborhood get implemented!  Why don’t you consider joining a committee, too?
ECC Team meeting highlights for May and June 2011 
See our Plan: http://www.ci.austin.tx.us/planning/neighborhood/ecesar_chavez.htm   
See our policies, meeting minutes, committee works, and project links at  www.eastcesarchavez.org   

In May, we endorsed the idea to pursue an historic multi-modal pocket park at 1300 E. 4th St., elected Ken as our new secretary and Pilar Sanchez as our new Sector 1 Rep.  In June, we met with The East Austin School Alliance, a group involved in connecting students and schools with neighborhoods and individuals who can strengthen partnerships to keep our schools open.  We discussed appealing several outdoor music venue permits and discussed trying to get changes to the Saltillo TOD which is allowing too many bars to congregate along E. 6th Street. And we formed a new fundraising committee to support special events, projects and programs.

We consider everyone who lives or works here a member of our Planning Team.  The Leadership Team represents all stakeholders in our area and they have voting power to represent these stakeholders.  We have divided the neighborhood into geographic sectors so that all parts of the neighborhood have a vote.  We also have voting members who represent businesses, congregations, non-profits and civic groups.  You do not have to live or work in the neighborhood to serve on committees. If you are interested in joining our Committees, contact the Chairs listed above.