RBJ Senior Residential Center                                Master Plan update  by Ashley at 477-1018                           or email ashley@estilopr.com. Se habla espanol. 


Community meetings were held on  4-26  for residents and neighbors to share results of the recent survey and to gage support for increasing the number of buildings on site to possibly double the number of truly affordable housing for seniors and add services that could be used by existing and future senior residents and for neighbors who could walk or bike to the stores and offices. Providing commercial space is a way to raise funds to bring down the cost of rent on the new apartments and costs of improving the existing tower.  The top five improvements expressed in the survey are in the chart at right.  You can learn more about the next community meeting on Tuesday, June 21 and the goals of the Board of Directors who will ultimately decide what to do with their land on page 11 or by contacting Ashley or visiting the new website: www.rbjcenter.org

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Text Box: May—June  2011

Vol. 10, No. 3

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A Message from our ECC Chairperson, Cristina Valdes, 789-0309


Do you remember when you were younger and had to go to the grocery store with your mother? In my experience, it always took what seemed like an eternity to get back in the car because my mom knew so many people and stopped to talk to all of them. As a child, it was painful to endure. As an adult, I look forward to that happening each time I'm out and about. The East Cesar Chavez neighborhood's strong sense of community has had a significant impact on me personally. Befriending  my neighbors and watching their children grow up, meeting the business owners in the area and making efforts to support them better, listening to the history of our barrio from the mouths of the true locals...that is all so intrinsically valuable.


This spring and summer consider how you can add to our  community. Meet your neighbors young and old, step up and volunteer for a project, help an elderly neighbor, start a contact list for your block, keep an eye out for pesky robbers, frequent the many local businesses, visit the farmer's market...and as you do, know that you are adding a little magic to our wonderful world on the east side.

Get info on Holly Power Plant demo: meeting May 17 @ Metz Rec. Center, call Oscar 322-6276

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