Text Box: Keep our Neighborhood 
Safe & Clean while you walk!
Report Code Violations to 311

Excessive Trash, Brush & Debris
Illegal business operations
Outdoor Music complaints
Info? www.austinrecycles.com/code.htm
Not sure? Want to help do a cleanup or try 
alternate methods to a formal complaint?
Call Eastside Ranger Lori at 478-6770  
or lorirenteria@grandecom.net

Get info on Holly Power Plant demo and its re-use, meetings, and newsletter. Email Austin Energy’s Oscar Backus, or call him at 322-6276. Se habla espańol.

Holly Neighborhood Coalition

wants to include your voice!

The Holly Neighborhood Coalition (HNC) is a new group committed to creating a consistent space where neighbors can share ideas and pursue common interests together. The HNC welcomes all neighbors and neighborhood association leaders to add their voices to the conversation and action.  To join in the fun, find out more about HNC’s monthly meetings and emerging working groups, or register for the Holly Neighborhood Coalition list, email holly-neighborhood-coalition@googlegroups.com

You can also register for the email list at http://groups.google.com/group/holly-neighborhood-coalition.