October 19, 2011 Meeting Agenda

Round of Introductions.

6 PM Citizen Communications: 15 minutes maximum, first come, first served.

1.      Patricia Delgado with IH-35 Corridor Development Program Team will make a presentation about their project to improve IH-35.

Committee Reports and Possible Action Items:

Treasurer’s report: Update from Treasurer.

Crime and Safety: Updates, if any.

Local Historic District: Updates, if any.

Land Use & Design Committee: Updates if any.

Affordable housing: Updates, if any.

Traffic and Transportation: Updates, if any.

Economic Development Committee: Updates, if any.

Education Committee: Updates, if any.

Communication Committee: Updates, if any.

Tejano Walking Trail Committee:  Updates, if any.

Parks and Environment Committee: Updates, if any.

Fundraising Committee: Updates, if any.

Approve minutes from last meeting.

Action Items:

1.      Discuss and take possible action to support a restaurant proposed by Brandon Testa.

2.      Discuss and take action on the endorsement of ECCNPT’s preferred option for the RBJ tract.

3.      Discuss and take possible action on a Parking Benefit District for the neighborhood.

4.      Discuss and take possible action on a late hours permit for Papi Tino’s.

5.      Discuss and take action on the nomination of Farah Rivera to serve as the Renters’ Rep to fill Leah’s vacancy and possibly Dorothy or Manual Renteria (no relation to Pio) to serve as Sector 7 Resident Rep to allow Jeff to step off.

6.      Discuss and take action to endorse the application to the federal government for designation of our Tejano Healthy Walking Trail and the Music Legends Trail as National Recreation Trails.


Confirm the next meeting at 6 pm on November 16, 2011 at Terrazas Library. Adjourn.