July 17, 2013 ECCNPT Meeting Agenda

ECCNPT Meeting Agenda 07/17/2013 6pm

Terrazas Library 1105 E Cesar Chavez

Round of Introductions.

6PM Citizen Communications: 15 minutes maximum, first come, first served.

Committee Reports and Possible Action Items:

Treasurer’s report: Update from Treasurer

Crime and Safety: Updates, if any.

Local Historic District: Updates, if any.

Land Use & Design Committee: Updates, if any.

Affordable Housing Committee: Updates, if any.

Traffic and Transportation Committee: Updates, if any.

Economic Development Committee:

  • Announce Kris Potrafka selected to be new chair of committee

Tejano Walking Trail Committee:  Updates, if any.

Communication Committee: Updates, if any.

Parks and Environment Committee: Updates, if any.

Approve minutes from last meeting.

Action Items:

  1. Discuss and take possible action to support HOPE farmer’s market event on Sept 22.
  2. Discuss and take possible action on rezoning of Arnold Oil tract at 1601 & 1645 E. 6th.