January 15th, 2014 ECCNPT Meeting Agenda

    ECCNPT Meeting Agenda 01/15/2014 6pm

    Round of Introductions.

    6PM Citizen Communications: 15 minutes maximum, first come, first served.

    • Jeff Trigger – Wonderland -Discuss plans for OMV permit.
    • Celso Baez – Cap Metro – Brief on process and timeline for Salitllo RFP.
    • Elizabeth Walsh – East Feast Coalition– Requesting our endorsement of inclusion of a Food Forest as part of the Holly Shores Master Plan.
    • City of Austin – present flyer about a planning process for improvements for the southeast portion of the Lady Bird Lake Hike and Bike Trail
    • Dave Stauch Capital Project Management – RBJ updates.

    Committee Reports and Possible Action Items:

    Treasurer’s report: Update from Treasurer

    Crime and Safety: Report from quarterly Austin, Police Region I Commander’s Forum. Solicit input regarding installation of surveillance cameras near I-35.

    Local Historic District: Updates, if any.

    Land Use & Design Committee: Updates, if any.

    Affordable Housing Committee: Updates, if any.

    Traffic and Transportation Committee: ECC volunteers needed to run a booth on Sat. Feb 1st at Plaza Saltillo from 10 am to 5 pm as part of the City’s Street Fair and ribbon-cutting celebration for the E. 5th Street Improvement Project.  UT student’s Project and Tejano Trails want to share this booth space with us.

    Economic Development Committee: Updates, if any.

    Tejano Walking Trail Committee:  Updates on dividing the trail into smaller loops, adding business listings for funds to print a new Trail Guide, gathering research and oral histories, and recruiting volunteers to join the working groups.

    Communication Committee: Updates, if any.

    Parks and Environment Committee: Announce huge ECC and Holly neighborhoods cleanup by 2000+ UT students on Feb. 22nd, 2014 and again in 2015.

    Education Committee: Richard Roberts proposes

    Approve minutes from last meeting.

    Action Items:

    1. Discuss and take possible action to printing out and awarding certificates to students at Sanchez Elementary grade 1 through 4 that participate in the science fair.
    2. Discuss and take possible action on yard parking and mobile food establishments in ECC.
    3. Discuss and take possible action to opt out of allowing food trailers in the neighborhood.
    4. Discuss and take possible action to create a new policy or include in our existing cocktail lounge policy to oppose late night hours and parking variances for new restaurant, cocktail lounges, and bar applications for those existing business trying to expand in our area.
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