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    Coronavirus Information/Resources

    Dear Neighbors,

    The March meeting of the ECC Contact Team is canceled. For questions regarding future meetings and agenda items, please contact ECC NCT Chair Kristen Heaney.

    In response to the Coronavirus, our team has formed a committee to assist East Cesar Chavez neighbors access information and resources. Neighbors in need can contact Susan Benz 



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    Public Hearing Notices

    Announcements regarding City of Austin public hearings can be viewed under Documents & Archives. At our April 2019 regular meeting the requests for the following properties & topics were announced or discussed:

    Proposed Amendment to Land Development Code–public hearing to consider amending Title 25 of the Land Development Code, 4/23/19, Planning Commission.

    1103 Clermont Ave–request for demolition, hearing 4/22/19, Historic Landmark Commission.

    220 Comal St (Comal Market)–request for demolition, hearing 4/22/19, Historic Landmark Commission.

    2008 East Cesar Chavez–(Holly Neighborhood), request for demolition, hearing 4/22/19, Historic Landmark Commission.

    2012 East Cesar Chavez–(Holly Neighborhood), request for demolition, hearing 4/22, Historic Landmark Commission.


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    The Contact Team has requested that item #6 on tonight’s City of Austin Planning Commission agenda be postponed. We post regarding further engagement planned on this issue. Item #6 was regarding a CUP request at 1300 East 4th Street.

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