Tejano Walking & Music Legends Trails

The Tejano Healthy Walking Trail and Trail of Tejano Music Legends are historical and cultural gems within our area and the adjacent Holly neighborhood. A labor of love by 30+ volunteers, the Tejano Healthy Walking Trail was designed and created by the East Cesar Chavez Neighborhood Planning Team and funded by the City of Austin’s Neighborhood Enhancement Fund. The Trail of Tejano Music Legends is 5.6 miles with 7 sites and is better navigated by bike, Segway, horse carriage, or pedi-cab.

In September, 2012, with help from the City’s Public Works Dept., both Trails were designated by the US Dept. of Interior as National Recreation Trails, a prestigious honor!

View the full map, download the trail guide, and learn more about the Tejano Walking & Music Legends Trails!