August Meeting Agenda

Photo of Terrazas Library

August 19, 2015 6:00PM

Terrazas Branch Library

1105 E. Cesar Chavez St., Austin, TX 78702

1. 6:00 Introductions

2. 6:05 Citizen Communications
a. Alexandra Castañeda (Urban Patchwork) – Fruit Tree Give-away
b. Joan Book (Mural Video)
c. Edie Cassell (Community Conversation about Our Schools)
d. Leslie Thompson (potential Sector 6 ECCNPCT representative)

3. 6:25 Approval of Minutes

4. 6:30 Establish Bike and Pedestrian Committee:
Action Item: Establish Bike and Pedestrian Committee, possible appointment of Katheryn Flowers as Chair.

5. 6:40 Land Use Committee Report on Breweries:
Action Item: Consider Breweries equivalent to Cocktail Lounges
Immediately update ECCNPT website Cocktail Lounge Policy for the Public.
Discussion Item: Ask county judge, Sarah Eckhardt to not approve any more beer and wine licenses for ECC without discussing them with ECCNPCT – or – place a moratorium on beer and wine licenses in ECC.

6. 6:55 Land Use Committee Report on Food Trailers:
Action Item: Consider establishing ECCNPT policies and rules regarding Food Trailers.
· Establish a new sub-committee to study Food Trailers & Land Owner restrictions that would be included in a neighborhood plan amendment.
· Post those guidelines on the ECCNPT website prior to plan amendment.

7. 7:15 Land Use Committee Report on Proposed Projects on ECC
Action Item: Discuss and take possible action regarding proposed projects, including:
– LOC Consultants presentation on their proposal to convert car wash at 1505 E. César Chavez into a restaurant and brewery.
– Update on 901 Spence: zoning change/ECC Neighborhood Plan Amendment request.

8. 7:45 Cat Café, Rebecca Gray and Jacques Casimir:
Presentation: Presentation on proposed project at former Jumpolín site.

9. 7:55 Presentation and Request for Action from ECC Team Regarding MACC Center
Action Items: Possible action to Write to City Council:
Presenter requests, “In regards to the 70 Rainy development project, the ECC team specifically objects to the potential to increase the traffic at the Holly/River St. intersection with I-35 by virtue of widening the alley between the MACC Circle and Davis Street by 4′ to make it a thoroughfare and the ECC Contact Team does not endorse the widening of the alley.”
Presenters: Valerie Menard, President, Center for Mexican American Cultural Arts (CMACA); Juan Oyervides, Mexican American Cultural Center Advisory Board Member.

10. 8:15 Update on proposed CUP for 1704 ECC and Terrazas Parking Lot- Mike Casias

11. 8:25 East Cesar Chavez Street Coalition Discussion
Action Item: Possible endorsement of letter in support of policy drafted by Daniel Llanes

12. 8:45 Adjourn

–Edited to update agenda