ECC Draft Local Historic District Design Standards

The development of Design Standards is one of the three primary components of an application to create a local historic district (LHD). Owners of 51% of the land in a proposed historic district must support  and submit the design standards, a survey of the proposed district, and a narrative history of the neighborhood that includes the history of some of the contributing homes. Since 2008, ECC team members have collaborated with ECC residents, stakeholders, adjoining neighborhood associations and local preservation experts towards the development of all three of the LHD application components. 

Members of the ECC Historic Preservation Committee worked with residents, architects, and local historians to develop the attached DRAFT document. The document follows the sample template for LHD Design Standards as developed by Preservation Austin and approved by City of Austin Preservation staff. This DRAFT is intended to serve as a tool to foster and support the work of residents interested in pursuing a LHD for their area of the ECC neighborhood. Residents are welcome to use it to start their own conversations with neighbors and our share their feedback with the ECC Historic Preservation Team and Sector representatives.

ECC LHD Draft Design Standards 5.13.2013

For more information about Local Historic Districts, please see the Historic Preservation Resource page, or contact the Historic Preservation Chair.

For examples of architectural styles in the ECC neighborhood as well as example narrative histories of historic structures, see:

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