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    May 16, 2012 ECCNPT Meeting Agenda

    Round of Introductions.

    6 PM Citizen Communications: 15 minutes maximum, first come, first served.

    Committee Reports and Possible Action Items:

    Treasurer’s report: Update from Treasurer.

    Crime and Safety: Updates, if any.

    Local Historic District:

    1. Discuss and take possible action on design and purchase of commemorative tiles for Historic Home Tour participants.

    Land Use & Design Committee: Updates, if any.

    Affordable housing:

    1. Discuss and take possible action on Holly home repair grant funds.

    Traffic and Transportation: Updates, if any.

    Economic Development Committee: Updates, if any.

    Education Committee: Updates, if any.

    Communication Committee:

    1. Discuss and take possible action to sponsor a booth at Viva Streets.

    Tejano Walking Trail Committee:

    Parks and Environment Committee: Updates, if any.

    Fundraising Committee:

    1. Discuss and take possible action on a donation button for the ECCNPT website.

    Approve minutes from last meeting.

    Action Items:

    1. Discuss and take action on priority ranking of our area’s Top 5 items among the official action steps that qualify for the upcoming Capital Improvements Program (CIP).  The deadline to submit our ranking is May 29th.


    Confirm the next meeting at 6 pm on June 20, 2012 at Terrazas Library. Adjourn.

    Leadership Team Additions. Welcome New Members!

    In May, we elected Ken Johnson, a serving nonprofit representative, as our new secretary. Contact Ken if you have items to add to our meeting agenda (see the Get Involved page for more information). Thank you for your service, Ken!

    We elected Pilar Sanchez as our new Sector 1 residential representative.  Pilar works for the Housing Authority of Austin and created an Eastside business development resource center, Emerging Enterprises, which provides classes, expert counseling, and or help writing business or marketing plans.   She’s responsible for auditing and evaluating all HACA programs.  Her entrepreneurial spirit and connections to the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and her role as chair for its Foundation helped her win the YWCA 2010 Woman of the Year “Leader of Promise Award.” Welcome to the team, Pilar!

    We have a new Donations Coordinator! Richard Roberts owns and operates a home-based business called Envios a Mexico in his historic home known as the Mooreland House.  (His home was recently featured on our 2011 Neighborhood Homes tour.) His primary work involves shipping packages to Mexico via  He has strong ties to our schools, shops, and neighbors who share his vision for saving the unique character of our neighborhood, especially our older buildings that create the feel of our commercial districts.  If you have donations that can be used for our special events, action projects or youth support programs, call Richard at 512-351-9436. Welcome, Richard!

    Current Team Openings

    We are actively recruiting a residential renter representative to join our Leadership Team. For more information, see the Current Team Openings page or contact Lori (512) 478-6770.

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    A Message from our ECC Chairperson, Cristina Valdes

    Do you remember when you were younger and had to go to the grocery store with your mother? In my experience, it always took what seemed like an eternity to get back in the car because my mom knew so many people and stopped to talk to all of them. As a child, it was painful to endure. As an adult, I look forward to that happening each time I’m out and about. The East Cesar Chavez neighborhood’s strong sense of community has had a significant impact on me personally. Befriending my neighbors and watching their children grow up, meeting the business owners in the area and making efforts to support them better, listening to the history of our barrio from the mouths of the true locals…that is all so intrinsically valuable.

    This spring and summer consider how you can add to our community. Meet your neighbors young and old, step up and volunteer for a project, help an elderly neighbor, start a contact list for your block, keep an eye out for pesky robbers, frequent the many local businesses, visit the farmer’s market…and as you do, know that you are adding a little magic to our wonderful world on the east side.

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    A Message from our ECC Chairperson, Cristina Valdes

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    It is quite an honor to serve as the East Cesar Chavez Neighborhood Team’s new chairperson. I look forward to further contributing to the community and working towards achieving our neighborhood goals. Some of my personal goals for the year include improving the team’s web presence to better communicate with neighbors and area businesses, developing a consistent process for handling agenda items and citizen communications and coordinating more opportunities to enhance the lives of those neighbors most in need. I am most grateful to all of the team members for their continued hard work and efforts to preserve our neighborhood keep it safe and grow in a manner that will benefit us all.

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