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    August Meeting Agenda

    Photo of Terrazas Library

    August 19, 2015 6:00PM

    Terrazas Branch Library

    1105 E. Cesar Chavez St., Austin, TX 78702

    1. 6:00 Introductions

    2. 6:05 Citizen Communications
    a. Alexandra Castañeda (Urban Patchwork) – Fruit Tree Give-away
    b. Joan Book (Mural Video)
    c. Edie Cassell (Community Conversation about Our Schools)
    d. Leslie Thompson (potential Sector 6 ECCNPCT representative)

    3. 6:25 Approval of Minutes

    4. 6:30 Establish Bike and Pedestrian Committee:
    Action Item: Establish Bike and Pedestrian Committee, possible appointment of Katheryn Flowers as Chair.

    5. 6:40 Land Use Committee Report on Breweries:
    Action Item: Consider Breweries equivalent to Cocktail Lounges
    Immediately update ECCNPT website Cocktail Lounge Policy for the Public.
    Discussion Item: Ask county judge, Sarah Eckhardt to not approve any more beer and wine licenses for ECC without discussing them with ECCNPCT – or – place a moratorium on beer and wine licenses in ECC.

    6. 6:55 Land Use Committee Report on Food Trailers:
    Action Item: Consider establishing ECCNPT policies and rules regarding Food Trailers.
    · Establish a new sub-committee to study Food Trailers & Land Owner restrictions that would be included in a neighborhood plan amendment.
    · Post those guidelines on the ECCNPT website prior to plan amendment.

    7. 7:15 Land Use Committee Report on Proposed Projects on ECC
    Action Item: Discuss and take possible action regarding proposed projects, including:
    – LOC Consultants presentation on their proposal to convert car wash at 1505 E. César Chavez into a restaurant and brewery.
    – Update on 901 Spence: zoning change/ECC Neighborhood Plan Amendment request.

    8. 7:45 Cat Café, Rebecca Gray and Jacques Casimir:
    Presentation: Presentation on proposed project at former Jumpolín site.

    9. 7:55 Presentation and Request for Action from ECC Team Regarding MACC Center
    Action Items: Possible action to Write to City Council:
    Presenter requests, “In regards to the 70 Rainy development project, the ECC team specifically objects to the potential to increase the traffic at the Holly/River St. intersection with I-35 by virtue of widening the alley between the MACC Circle and Davis Street by 4′ to make it a thoroughfare and the ECC Contact Team does not endorse the widening of the alley.”
    Presenters: Valerie Menard, President, Center for Mexican American Cultural Arts (CMACA); Juan Oyervides, Mexican American Cultural Center Advisory Board Member.

    10. 8:15 Update on proposed CUP for 1704 ECC and Terrazas Parking Lot- Mike Casias

    11. 8:25 East Cesar Chavez Street Coalition Discussion
    Action Item: Possible endorsement of letter in support of policy drafted by Daniel Llanes

    12. 8:45 Adjourn

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    June 17, 2015 Meeting Agenda


    Meeting Agenda

    East Cesar Chavez Neighborhood Planning Team

    June 17, 2015 6:00PM

    Terrazas Branch Library

    1105 E. Cesar Chavez St., Austin, TX 78702

    1. 6:00 Introductions

    2. 6:05 Citizen Communications

    3. 6:20 Approval of Minutes

    4. 6:35 Update or Amend the ECC Neighborhood Plan:  Action Item: Discuss and take possible action regarding update or amendment to the ECC Neighborhood Plan.  Request the Land Use Committee schedule meeting to discuss the same.

    5. 6:50 Daniel Llanes, 114 Linden Street: Lustre Pearl East Bar – Application for “Mixed Beverage with late Hours” Permit. Action Item: Discuss and take possible action regarding potentially filing a protest against the issuance of a “Mixed Beverage with late Hours” permit to the Lustre Pearl East Bar as requested by Daniel Llanes, chair of the Govalle/Johnston Terrace Neighborhood Contact Team.

    6. 7:05 Land Use Committee: Action Item: Discuss and take possible action regarding two residents who have volunteered to serve as co-chairs of Land Use Committee (there is currently no chair) –  Gwen O’Barr and Lyon Gegenheimer.

    7. 7:20 STR (Short Term Rental) Regulation: Action Item: Discuss ways to support residents struggling with STR violations of their neighbors.

    8. 7:35 Gayle – 901 Spence St. Rezone to Commercial. Discussion of re-zoning 901 Spence St. to a commercial lot. Action Item: Discuss and take possible action on re-zoning 901 Spence St.

    9. 7:50 Viva Streets Ciclovia: Action Item: Provide update regarding Viva Streets Ciclovia scheduled for September 13, 2015. Discuss potential support of Viva Streets Ciclovia

    10. 8:00 Michael Casias, 1704 East Cesar Chavez. Action Item: Discuss and take possible action for Pinata Store

    11. 8:15 Alberto Martinez, 1207 East Cesar Chavez. Action Item: Update regarding proposed East Side Hotel

    12. 8:30 Adjourn

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    Tejano Trails

    TejanoTrail.v42Thank you to Lori Renteria and Nadia Barrera of the City of Austin Urban Trails Program for coming to last night’s meeting with an update on the Tejano Trails progress, and to tell us about opportunities to participate with the Tejano Trails Steering Committee.

    If you’re interested in learning more keep an eye on their website for updates!

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